• Jan 2020 Digital Venture partnered with BIGO TECHNOLOGY PTE. LTD. to exclusively represent IMO demand from UAE & Kuwait with access to global countries' inventory.
    1. BIGO major products include Bigo Live, Likee (Formerly LIKE video), and imo. The company now has over 300 million monthly active users in over 150 countries.

    1. IMO - Global Video Communication Social Platform
    2. • 180 million daily audio and video calls
    3. • 40 minutes video call duration per user/day
    4. • 900 million daily text messages
    5. • 30 million daily stories
    6. • 6 times per day average app usage
  • May 2019 Digital Venture partners with Amadeus to become the exclusive reseller of Amadeus media solutions products for United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt, & Italy regions.
    1. Digital Venture has signed an agreement with Amadeus, a global technology provider for the travel industry, to become the exclusive distributor for its innovative and unique media solutions inventory for Amadeus travel itinerary documents and CheckMyTrip for all advertising demands in the GCC, Levant, Egypt & Italy regions.
    2. Digital Venture will, work directly with advertisers and agencies in the regions. Through these Amadeus media solutions products, Digital Venture will provide its clients with direct access to engage with global confirmed passengers before, during and after their trip experience, with points of sale in the exclusive regions.
    3. Amadeus’ media solutions advertising products are travel documents issued by travel agencies and “CheckMyTrip” mobile app, which help brands with specialized targeting criteria to deliver personalized offers to booked travelers. These criteria include language, booking class, business category, origin, destination, connection, connection duration, trip duration, booking dates, class of service, trip elements booked, trip companion, affluence, gender, trip purpose and many more.
  • Apr 2019 Digital Venture partners with Cheetah Medialink HK Limited (NYSE: CMCM), and appointed the exclusive reseller for MENA region
    1. Cheetah Medialink HK Limited. (“Cheetah Mobile”) has selected Digital Venture, the digital arm of JGroup Holding as its official sole representative & reseller to exclusively distribute, promote, and market Cheetah Mobile Services to Advertisers and ad Agencies for all demand of United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt, Iraq, Nigeria, Libya, Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, Afghanistan, Yemen & Pakistan effective April 2019
    2. Through their local and regional entities, Digital Venture will act as an extension of Cheetah Medialink HK Limited’s own team, working directly with all Advertisers and Agencies in the Territory .
    3. Digital Venture will provide its clients with direct access to highly targeted mobile users and global promotional channels, which are capable of delivering targeted content to over 635 million global mobile monthly active users.
    4. Cheetah Mobile's products, including its popular utility applications Clean Master, the world’s No. 1 cleaning app, Security Master, CM Security, the world's top anti-virus and privacy protection app, CM Locker, Photo Grid, Battery Doctor, and more, help make users' mobile internet experience smarter, speedier, and safer.
    5. Digital Venture will be offering their clients Cheetah Mobile platform to connect with highly engaged local, regional and global consumers in an exciting, targeted and impactful manner monetizing first party owned apps, SDK integrated network of 4600+ apps, Live.me & Tiktok’s native video placements.
  • Apr 2019
    1. GroundTruth hereby grants Digital Venture the exclusive, non-transferable, non-sublicensable right to resell the Services to Advertisers during the Term via the ADS Manager for demand in the Territory.
    2. GroundTruth agrees and undertakes not to grant any right to resell its services directly to Advertisers in the Territory except through Reseller during the Term.
    3. “Covered Territory” means United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan, Oman, Bahrain, Lebanon, Kuwait and Qatar.
  • Jan 2019 Turn your business around, Drive impactful conversions.
    1. • CPI - CPE - CPL - CPA
    2. • AI Driven predictive marketing
    3. • Quality traffic & data
    4. • Brand Safe environment
    5. • GDPR Compliant
    Amplifying Brand Stories
    1. • Highest View Through Rates (VTR)
    2. • CPV – CPCV
    3. • Moat | IAS integrated
    4. • AI Driven predictive marketing
    5. • Act-Alike Modeling
    6. • Brand Safe environment
    7. • GDPR Compliant
    Engaging Mobile Experiences
    1. • SDK Integrated first party inventory
    2. • Unique Ad Placements: Responsive Ad
    3. • Creating first party audience segments and data
    4. • Largest Push Notifications global provider
    5. • Geo-Fencing
    6. • App Inclusions Targeting
    7. • Native Placements
    8. • Opt-In users
    9. • Brand Safe environment
    10. • GDPR Compliant
    OmniChannel Intelligent Marketing
    1. • AI Driven predictive marketing
    2. • Quality, traffic & data
    3. • Act-Alike Modeling
    4. • Unique Ad Placements
    5. • Cross Device Graph
    6. • Contextual: Image & Content recognition
    7. • Brand Safe environment
    8. • GDPR Compliant
    Affluent Audience Access
    1. • Exclusive access to Top 350 global financial websites.
    2. • First Party Data / 100% owned inventory
    3. • No External Access / No Ad-Exchanges involved
    4. • Native Ads - Premium Finance audience
    5. • 100 million monthly unique users
    6. • 4 billion ads served per month
    7. • Brand Safe environment
    8. • GDPR Compliant
  • Aug 2017
    1. Bucksense Inc. part of Acotel Group S.p.A (ACO:IM) appointed Digital Venture as an exclusive Reseller for the MENA region demand.
  • Jul 2017
    1. Sizmek Inc acquired Rocket Fuel Inc. ( Digital Venture became the exclusive reseller of Sizmek DSP)
    2. • April 2019: Zeta Global Acquired Sizmek DSP, Inc ( formerly known as Rocket Fuel, Inc. )
  • Sep 2016
    1. Rocket Fuel Inc. appointed Digital Venture as an exclusive Reseller for the MENA region until January 2019.
  • Oct 2015 Exclusive partnership with Shazam Inc.
    1. Shazam appointed Digital Venture as an exclusive Primary Third Party Reseller for the MENA region until September 2018.
    2. September 2018: Apple acquires Shazam
  • Jun 2015 Exclusive partnership with Airpush Inc.
    1. Airpush Inc. appointed Digital Venture as an exclusive Reseller for the MENA region demand.
  • 2015 Establishment of Digital Venture